Case Study: Mortgage Broker

Main Services: Mortage Broker

Local Area: Brisbane, Australia

Years as a client: 12 months

Target Audience: First time buyers all the way to experienced property investors.

Value Proposition: Respected award winning boutique family run independant mortgage brokers in the heart of Brisbane making the process of getting the right mortgage for you easy. Working with anyone from first time buyers to new investors looking to expand thier portfolios.

Local SEO Goals: Generating more leads and calls to the business along with industry authority.


This case study is only focused on the results we have achieved via Google search

The campaign results are from mid June 2018 until July 2019

Mortgage Broker

Increase in analytics traffic:

Traffic total for the month – July 2018 (651 total hits)

Traffic Total


for the month – July 2019 (18,205 total hits)

July 2018 vs July 2019 = 2,696% increase in traffic

Ranking Increases

Comparison is August 2018 against July 2019

August 2018 – 1st to 3rd position = 95

July 2019 – 1st to 3rd posistion = 217


There was a 128% increase in top 3 positions for important keywords within 11 months

Google My Business General visibility


Other Details

In this case its important to state that in this case the broker had an active role in adding long form content to the website that has expanded traffic outside of their local area and are very active in collecting online Google reviews in to the 100s. Without this indepth expert content direct from the owners and the level of reviews they have collected. The traffic increase would not be as great as it has been.

Its also worth noting that this broker is actually one of the best in Brisbane holding multiple awards for being the best in the area this helps both online and offline visibility.