Main Service:
Plastic Surgery

Local Area: Brisbane, Australia

Years As a Client: 01

Target Clients: Women overwhelmingly make up the core target audience at 91% with 9% being male, 47% of women being in the range of 40 – 54 years old.

Value Proposition: National reputation, patient support through every step of the surgery process and gold standard aftercare.

Local SEO Goals: To overhaul, grow and strengthen the existing services pages, with emphasis on breast augmentation. With the ultimate goal of more calls and walk-ins.


Media: Google

Campaign Start:  2nd May 2017

381% Increase in Traffic


March 2017 vs March 2018

Analytics increase over time

The overall increase in traffic over 12 months is 381% March 2017 vs March 2018

No.1 rankings over the same period have also greatly increased resulting in the increase in traffic.

Ranking increase over time

Actions taken via Google My Business over time

People taking some type of action from visiting the website, requesting directions and calls have greatly increased particularly from Janurary 2018 onward.

Overall Google visibility increase over time

General visibility online has greatly increased via the metrics shown from google insights which is a combination of Google maps and Google local organic.