Main Service:

Local Area: Jackson, Mississippi. USA

Years As a Client: 02

Target Audience: ⅔ of the target market are people between 40 – 83 years old, with women making up a significant percentage of overall client volume.

Value Proposition: Trusted local brand with the owner known very well within the community.

Local SEO Goals: Overhaul of on the website and expanding online reach to bring in new clients currently not involved with the clinic on a regular basis.


Media: Google

Campaign Start:  March 1st 2016

128% Increase in Traffic


Increase in analytics traffic



March 2016 / March 2017



March 2017 / March 2018

Analytics ranking over time

Year on Year increase of 128%

The client is currently ranking in the most prominent positions locally for main key terms.

Ranking increase over time

Actions taken via Google My Business over time

People taking some type of action from visiting the website, requesting directions and calls have greatly increased particularly from January 2018 onward.

Overall Google visibility increase over time

General visibility online has greatly increased via the metrics shown from google insights which is a combination of Google maps and Google local organic.