What Are Geo Grid Rankings?

With a traditional ranking report, you only get rankings from a single location (usually the business zip code) which can be very deceptive as a metric for success.

The problem is that Google will start to decrease your business rankings as you move further away from the physical business location, and the only real way to combat this and expand your business visibility is with good local SEO.

In the example below, each pin on this grid is keyword ranking at different points within an 11 miles radius in all directions from the business location in the middle.

This means if you searched “Plumbers” from the physical business zipcode it can appear you are ranking no.1 as you can see with the green pin, but if you drive 2 blocks away you no longer show up on the first page of Google or even in the top 21+ search positions! 

What does that mean? 

Well if your business is only visible in Google at your zip code you are missing out on a ton of calls and leads.

As you can see a traditional ranking report is a very bad gauge of success. 

Our goal at Solid Local SEO is to turn all those red pins into green pins, giving you REAL online visibility across the areas you do business in. In this case, the more green you see the more people are seeing your business, meaning more traffic, leads, and sales.